Starting afresh in 2020 with optimism

Only since the beginning of this year, 2020, I have started to pay more attention to my presence on the WordPress platform. I am not new to writing or being on WordPress. In fact, I’ve been using both, and for my 3 existing sites. These are – this site itself, SK Ditta’s main site, and SK’s Power of Myth. Yes, those are the ones linked to in the Main menu. So, in what way is this “Starting afresh in 2020”?

Well, to answer that question, I will share a little bit about my experience from 2019. The whole of 2019 was spent in content creation, and also some of 2018. However, in terms of social interaction, my entire focus was on the microblogging platform, Twitter. It gave a lot of experience, the chance to meet people from different parts to the world – USA, Canada, Australia, UK and many of the countries in the EU. I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with many artists. English being my most-preferred language, my interactions have been with the Anglosphere. Of course, with translation enabled, also with those who speak and write in Spanish, French, and German.

S K Ditta Welcome to the writings

So what is new now?

The only thing new, now, is my change in approach. Having spent a lot of time on Twitter, as anyone else would also notice, there are advantages and there are some things left to desire. While Twitter offers brevity, it also is lacking in depth of conversation. Mind you, it’s not necessarily the people on it. It is the design of the platform because it works on short-messaging. A lot of famous, powerful people and institutions are using Twitter and doing so quite successfully.

I, in the past few days, started to interact with others on the WordPress platform. At this time, I would like those who unlike me had kept their comment section enabled. You know, sometimes you feel like saying something in response to the creativity of a lady or a gentleman. It could be their photography, their travels, writing, poetry, painting, etc. And, it is nice to be acknwoledged and responded back to. I have always tried to be respectful and encouraging to those I meet online, and in just the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the same being reciprocated to me. So, I want to thank those involved so far, in 2020.

Continuing interactions and collabortions in the time to come, here on WordPress, in 2020

So, my resolve is to continue interacting and with the passage of time, to collaborate with others on WordPress. I like, how this Platform differs from Twitter and enables a great community of creative individuals. Along the way, I am sure, there are a lot of things to learn from those already here and experienced.

Looking forward to a great time together in 2020. This is my optimism, my resolve, and surely, the desire. Thank you, all, very much indeed!

PS: Being a music lover, I would like to share with you, from time-to-time, some of what is quite pleasurable, at times, inspiring, and generally just good music. This time, it’s Sir David Gilmour with one of his masterpieces, “Rattle that lock”.

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