The young people’s search for optimism and for hope S K Ditta

What can young people bring to society?

Young people have energy and freshness.  If they wish, they can see the future with optimism and hope purely by virtue of their inner strength.  This continues to be a real possibility.  The young should be encouraged to take care of their health and their minds from the earliest time and continue to do so.  This is not because of owing anyone anything but simply as a duty to oneself.  A person has to live in his or her own body and has the primary responsibility of caring for oneself.

Immediately follows the battle for young minds.  This is where the real battle is fought today.  The Internet and modern technology have made possible access to the sum of all knowledge.  There are a few things about all this knowledge though, which we all do well to remember:

  1. No one can practically put all this information to use, even though one has access to it.  So, one doesn’t have to take up the impossible task of learning everything.

  2. Too much devotion to learning produces its own burdens in the form of confusion and indecision.

  3. The final goal of any knowledge is, to be applied practically.  The intermediate step of understanding is the key to the wise application.

  4. What knowledge there is today will likely undergo some changes tomorrow.  This can be expected in some endeavors more than others.  Fields like human relations, politics, and communication are particularly susceptible to changes.  Even medical sciences, for example, have general truisms but have to rely on personalization for beneficial results.

  5. While the flow of information never stops, the human mind and body need rest.  This is important to remember.  In the absence of self-care, no amount of information or kind of information will remain beneficial for long.

Source: The young people’s search for optimism and for hope S K Ditta

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  1. I used to be a teacher. The amount of information available today with the internet is a huge change from when I first started teaching. You make some very good points here.


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