Keeping some confidence in other human beings

One must find confidence first in oneself, in one’s own life, and then there would be the appropriate space for such in others.

It is difficult to communicate with others if you do not have any confidence in them. One of the things that make being a human special is the ability to communicate. It is the ability to put thoughts into words that make us unique. It is also, thus, reasonable to conclude that we alone are capable of such thoughts as we do have. What an absolute injustice it would be to be an animal and have the thoughts of a human. To be trapped in the animal form, unable to communicate in speech and writing as we are able. Furthermore, it would simply not be reasonable to expect any animal to have the ability to formulate detailed, complex thoughts as a human being is able to.

Excerpt from Source: Keeping some confidence in other human beings (and there’s a nice Pink Floyd song at the end of the original)🙂