How we can have a satisfying life by looking for the practical – giving priority to needs over wants S K Ditta

At the end of the day, it is fulfilling the needs that are truly important, regardless of how many desires a person can fulfill. Identify the needsIt has become the case, that many people simply have forgotten the difference between their desires and their needs.  This is true not only of individuals, but even of …

Oris Aviation Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Oris Aviation Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch - 01 111 7711 4165-Set 1 22 72FC Oris Oris was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the Swiss town of Hölstein in 1904. For over 100 years Oris has been making watches in Switzerland. Their watches are purely mechanical and are marked out by their …

A fondness for the fountain pen, but more so, for writing by hand S K Ditta

The fountain pen is a thing of beauty. A fountain pen is a wonderful writing instrument that offers the true pleasure of writing. It infuses the fondness and patience within. I was fortunate to have developed a fondness for the fountain pen, but more so, for the very act of writing by hand.It was from …

Why mentors and teachers are especially needed to counter extremism? S K Ditta

Mentors and teachers are a special gift to human society.  These cannot simply be understood to be professions or titles, or some kind of a degree that is earned from an institution.  Rather, these are linked to the personal qualities and concerns of the individual.  Even more so, it is connected with how a person …

A fascination with wristwatches S K Ditta

A fascination with wristwatches ought to be considered quite normal. These machines have commanded admiration and subjected to innovations. I remember, as a young boy, this fascination with wristwatches.  At the time, there was no deep philosophical reason for it.  Watches simply were machines to be fascinated with.  The way these were designed; how methodical …

Starting afresh in 2020 with optimism

2020 optimism

So, my resolve is to continue interacting and with the passage of time, to collaborate with others on WordPress. I like, how this Platform differs from Twitter and enables a great community of creative individuals. Along the way, I am sure, there are a lot of things to learn from those already here and experienced.

The exclusive focus on physical things will create an imbalance S K Ditta

The focus on and acceptance of only the physical can bring certainty. However, these cannot bring lasting fulfillment to humans. A denial and disregard of spiritual aspects of our existence have always failed. We need balance and layers of protection to have a peaceful coexistence. It is here, we find a notable lesson in a …


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